Retailer Canceled 1,000+ Orders of Xbox Series X From a Scalper Group

Since the release of next-gen consoles, scalping groups and overpriced third-party sales have been a big problem. But this scalping story ends in a different way than others after a group boasted about their 1,000+ secured orders of Xbox Series X. Later on, their orders were canceled.

The scalping group, which is known for claiming 2,500 secured orders of PS5 at launch, posted on social media claiming that they have secured over 1,000+ Xbox Series X from a “very well known online retailer”.

The scalping group has £29.99 monthly or £399.99 lifetime membership subscription options for how to do scalping themselves, using bots to find cheap prices, and complete mass purchases automatically.

Normally, retailers would limit purchases as 1 per address, but it looks like somehow the scalper group managed to avoid this limit and make mass purchases. But at the end of the day, orders were canceled.

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