An Early Look at Cyberpunk 2077’s Photo Mode in Action

In a new video you can watch above, the developer shows what you can do with this build. Including changing the pose, position, and even facial expression of V, the game’s highly customizable main character.

A fairly stark video by CDPR’s usual standards, it shows raw, time-lapse footage of someone tampering with the photo mode rather than the usual in-depth cast. But we get the point. There are many options here. You can fine-tune exposure, contrast, and highlights, and fine-tune effects such as chromatic aberration, depth of field, and grain. There are also borders, stickers, and color filters if you want to be creative.

With all of this easily accessible at the touch of a button, you can imagine that social media will be filled with people posing moody in front of Blade Runner cityscapes on December 10 and beyond.

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