Players Try to Understand How to Unlock a New Mysterious Gate in Demon’s Souls

The PS5 remake of The Demon’s Souls hides a new mystery behind a locked door. Players are working on how to open the door, but no one has figured it out yet.

You may find what seems deadlock at first glance but is actually a fake wall. Behind this false wall is a locked door and no one knows exactly what is behind that door. However, using photo mode, you can really take a peek behind the locked door, and if you do, you’ll notice a glowing object on the balcony.

Reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond was one of the first actors to use this photo mode trick to peek behind the secret door. They also shared more details about the door and attempts to open it. They tried wearing certain armor while near the door, running towards the door as soon as the level was loaded, visiting it during different world trends, killing every enemy in the level, and more. After all this and hours of research, the door still remains closed.

This isn’t the first time the developers behind Demon’s Souls on PS5 Bluepoint have added something new and mysterious to one of their remakes. The studio added a similar mystery to the PS4 version of Shadow of The Colossus. Therefore, this door is not a random mistake, but it is highly likely that there will be a more interesting and new mystery for Demon’s Souls fans to solve.

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