Sony Warns Fans Not To Camp or Queue Out Of The Store For a PS5

Sony announced that PS5 sales will only be online. Sony made this decision due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a blog post, Sony stated that they have confirmed that all sales will be made on their retail partners’ online stores to protect players, retailers and staff from COVID-19.

Sony warned that you don’t plan to camp or queue up at your local dealer on launch day in hopes of finding one. “Be safe, stay at home and order online.”

It was stated that players who pre-ordered to receive from the local retailer can do so at the appointment time determined in accordance with the retailer’s security protocols. Please confirm the details with your local dealer.

“A special thank you to our entire community for your support this year. Say hello to the next generation of games!”

The PS5 will be available in Japan on November 12 and in the UK a week later. UK stores will sell the next generation of consoles even during a four-week crash via click-to-collect, but only to those with in-store pre-orders.

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