Zelter is Stardew Valley’s Survival Game

Sweet retro graphics like Stardew Valley, cool music, fun NPCs, and a farm that I can build and upgrade however you want, as well as the power to explode into sticky pieces with an arsenal of explosive firepower. Zelter seems to offer this experience.

Zelter sounds like a familiar experience. You will craft weapons, strengthen your defensive fortifications, collect supplies, and make rescue-friendly NPCs. Then the zombie apocalypse will come and then it’s time to fight. You will then return to the farm to do some craft, sow some crops, and hang out with your friends and even your cat.

Zelter launched Steam Early Access (a slightly different name, Zhelter) following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The reactions so far have been mixed. Steam user reviews show it has some pretty rough sides, but the developer admits essentially the same thing in the Early Access FAQ, saying that the game basics are mostly over and the game remains.

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