PUBG Gets a Volcanic and Dynamic Map Next Week

Last week, PUBG Corp once again commissioned Jonathan ‘Commander Riker’ Frakes to deliver a second video for the studio’s battle royale. This time he made fun of a Peruvian city connected with the Fountain of Youth. “Paramo” will appear next week with the launch of Season 9 and looks like it will depart from the regular PUBG maps.

A smoldering volcano and more teasers have been released showing the promise of PUBG’s first dynamic map. As players parachute in, different possibilities depending on how angry the volcano was at that time.

“The dynamic landscape will keep you guessing with every fall”. There are also “thousands of possibilities” on a single map, implying that dynamism goes beyond the volcano being open or closed.

PUBG Corp is still being very timid even though it arrived on PC on October 21st. So it is still unclear how dynamic it is and what the dynamism really is.

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