PS5 Teardown Explains Why It’s So Big

Today’s official PlayStation 5 teardown told us a lot about the console, but perhaps the most interesting thing was to learn how much Sony is afraid of the heat rise in the next generation and the lengths it went to fix it. It even explains why the PS5 is so big. Sony seems to be doing everything in its power to help the PS5 run cool and therefore quiet. During disassembly, we see many ways to keep the console cold:

  • The entire rear of the console is an exhaust outlet.
  • A large 120mm x 45mm cooling fan can draw air from both sides.
  • Dust collection ports built to withstand vacuuming.
  • A liquid metal thermal conductor to keep the CPU and GPU cool.
  • A large chiller using a heat pipe that provides the same performance as a steam room.

It is a versatile approach to reducing dust build-up and increasing the heat expelled, which should reduce noise overall (and this is not limited to heat reduction. Even the Blu-Ray drive is insulated to reduce vibration noise). These elements make up most of Sony engineer Yasuhiro Ootori’s comments during the stripped video. It is very clear that Sony thinks this is a big problem with the PS4 and is trying to fix it for the PS5.

In fact, there is a case where the primary reason the PS5 is so big is to keep it cool. Ootori clearly states that size provides a significant improvement in performance in terms of processing power and silence. The only system element the width of the console is this fan, and the cooler takes up most of the rest of the interior space.

The PS5 will cost $ 499 / £ 449 / AU $ 750 for the full version and $ 399 / $ 359 / AU $ 600 for the digital version. It will arrive on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, and November 19 in all other regions.

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