Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will no longer fit on a 250GB SSD

We recall the days when the system requirements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare suggested 175GB of free space and we thought that was a lot. Looking back now, it was a good day. Then, in August, an update raised over 200GB, which we recommend is a bit too much. And now, as @ BattleNonSense pointed out on Twitter, Modern Warfare no longer fits a 250GB SSD and will not update if you have one.

This is what happens when a game includes a single-player campaign, a cooperative Special Ops mode, and a live service battle royale mode that is constantly updated in Warzone format. On console, players can choose to remove certain mods and packs, and some had similar options when Call of Duty games was available on Steam. However, players on do not have such a chance. The disk space requirement of Call of Duty should be stopped as soon as possible.

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