Genshin Impact Has Enjoyed The Biggest Global Launch of a Chinese Game Ever

According to analysts, Genshin Impact has enjoyed the “biggest global launch of a Chinese game ever”.

The South China Morning Post reported on the free downloadable anime-style adventure released this week on mobile, PC and PlayStation 4, booming with over 110,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch and already making millions in app stores.

It was said that Genshin Impact has a development and marketing budget of over $ 100 million by Liu Wei, co-founder of Shanghai-based developer miHoYo.

Some say that Genshin Impact is very similar to Nintendo’s masterpiece Breath of the Wild while it has been compared negatively. On the other hand, it seems to have shaken off this comparison at launch and found a Western audience who clearly enjoys the fantasy adventure apparently working for Nintendo Switch.

Watch the trailer of the game below:

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