Microsoft Flight Simulator Has a Strange Gap With an Airport Underneath

Last month, we all enjoyed a few things discovered in the landscape of Microsoft Flight Simulator. There is now a new curiosity that distorts reality to visit. A strange, open chasm has been found in Brazil. And even stranger, there’s an airport underneath. This cliff is first seen by ReversedWindow on Reddit, and it’s bold enough to hang a plane down on Reddit.

When you dive into the pit, you can actually see a small runway at the bottom. This will appear if you search for Lagoa Nova, a small airport in Brazil, and the world map in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This strange gap we’ve seen is likely due to a typo, and perhaps somewhere high above sea level at this airport, a spreadsheet was entered incorrectly, resulting in this strange hole-like black hole.

Because the Lagoa Nova runway is at the bottom of the cliff, you can also set it as your departure airport, which will reveal your plane down the hole on the landing pad. Note that departure from there will be almost impossible, but you will at least be able to briefly visit another dimension.

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