Yakuza: Like a Dragon Will Rock Ps5 in March, The Release Date for Other Platforms is Set in the New November

Will meet us at Xbox Series X and Series S on day one.

Sega has confirmed Yakuza’s Ps5 version release date in the west meanwhile changing the release date on all the other platforms.

Like a Dragon coming to Xbox Series X and S, PS4, and PC on November 10th. That date has a little regulation from the previous announcement November 13 release date.
So, it will shake  Xbox’s next-gen systems and current-gen hardware and PC on the same day as well.

However, Yakuza won’t release to PS5 until March 2nd, in the west for $59,99.
Sega also did not mention the reason for the delayed release date. Who purchase Like a Dragon digitally on PS4,
will have a free upgrade to the PS5 as well as the Xbox One to Series X and S versions.
If you wanted to preorder the game, feel free to check out
What comes in each edition of Like a Dragon.

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