Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Runs at 4K 120hz on Next-Gen Consoles

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will run at 4K resolution and 120 hz refresh rates on next generation consoles. In an interview with Venture Beat, Treyarch studio co-chair Dan Bunting said, “We want to make it feel like the frame rate is sensitive and technically nothing is stopping you from having a good time.”

Supporting 120hz refresh rates means up to 120fps potential. It is not specified whether the Cold War will be locked at 120 fps in the next-generation, but if the PS5 and Xbox Series X have such frame rates at 4K with the accuracy of the graphics shown in the new trailer, it is a really strong show.

In addition to the high frame rates, the PS5 version of the game will also support haptic feedback, while the SSD drives of both consoles mean that Cold War has no loading screens between cinematic and game. And in order not to miss the flagship technology of the new generation, the game features real-time ray tracing. There’s a lot to render at 120 fps.

It is worth noting that not all TVs have such high refresh rates (many older models are limited to 60hz or 100hz) and those that support 120hz require high-speed HDMI v2.1 cables to provide frame rates. If you’re hoping for this kind of performance it’s worth seeing what your TV can deliver. But even 4K / 60fps from the Cold War can look impressive.

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