Hitman Developer’s Freedom Fighters Re-Released on PC

IO Interactive has officially re-released Freedom Fighters on PC via GOG, Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game has been updated to run on modern systems and is available with a 33% launch discount. “Freedom Fighters was not available on PC for years and is now coming out digital for the first time,” GOG said in a press release.

Freedom Fighters was re-rated by PEGI, prompting speculation that we might see some sort of re-release. The game detected by ResetEra user dex3108 can only be viewed on the PEGI website rated for PC at this point. The listed publisher is IO Interactive, the developer of the game, rather than EA Swiss Sarl, which released the original game on PC, GameCube, PS2 and Xbox.

IO made it clear to GamesIndustry that, after gaining independence, he retained the rights of Hitman as well as Freedom Fighters.

Freedom Fighters is an alternative history-premise third-person shooter in which resistance fighters drive the Soviet Union out of the invasion of New York City. The player can recruit other “Freedom Warriors” for purpose and give commands.

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