The next big update for No Man’s Sky is called Origins and will be released next week

No Man’s Sky has had a few minor but important updates this year, and another update is coming. This latest update will be called Origins and will be “the beginning of something new”, according to developer Hello Games. Although the developer says little about this new update other than its name and it will be released next week, there are a few tips. First, Hello Games can help reshape the game by comparing the Origins update with the game’s previous Foundation and Beyond updates and add a lot of new features. The detailed information about Origins is unknown, but it looks like it will be important.

Origins will arrive at the end of an important year for No Man’s Sky. In the last few months, Hello Games has constantly brought new content to players. These updates include the Living Ships, Exo Mechs, and the latest Desolation update that allows players to explore long lost spaceships. These updates are undeniably important to the game, but Hello Games considers them to be smaller updates as they are mostly about adding content rather than changing any of the game’s core systems. For now, we’ll have to wait until Hello Games reveals more about the Origins update next week to find out how big the changes could be.

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