Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC Details and New Art Book

The Ghost of Tsushima artwork revealed more details about the game’s “Legends” co-op mode, which is scheduled to arrive in Fall 2020. Fans have recently purchased ‘The Art of Ghost of Tsushima’, and visit forums like YouTube and ResetEra to share details found in the artbook.

There will be a “Storyteller” character and a masked traveler who “sees and knows all”. Landscapes in legends mode are inspired by old Japanese woodblock prints.

At the same time, TheSushiSquire’s video shows some new enemy types and bosses. Some of these are a spooky masked warrior who transforms into a gnarled limb monster (he didn’t appear in place in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice). This suggests that we’ll be getting monsters for longer boss fights than most of Tsushima’s short fight matches. We also see different classes of Oni demons as well as Tengu, who will be your main enemies. The video also provides a glimpse of the game’s menus that typically look minimalist and are colored in a red tint. It appears that new resources or currencies will be available in Legends, and new menu screens for Crafting and Feats will introduce new features coming into the game as part of the upcoming co-op mode.

According to The Art of Ghost of Tsushima’s Google Books page, there are about 20 pages of concepts and details about the Legends DLC. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends online co-op is said to be free in Autumn 2020.

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