Thanks to the power of mods, Hogwarts and Godzilla are now in Flight Sim

According to Harry POtter’s lore, Hogwarts cannot be seen by Muggles, since a strong enchantment, non-magic onlookers consider it is merely a dilapidated break with hazard indicators warning them away. Someone’s made it in the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

And Godzilla has also been put into the game and most probably you do not want to get to close to it.

Hogwarts castle and its surroundings are essentially a movie scene where you can fly around and view it from the air as uploaded by iG0dz to Nexus Mods. The ground also boasts a Quidditch Stadium, Hagrid’s House, and Privet Drive (inexplicably located in the forbidden forest).

“I have always dreamed of being able to go to the sets of fantasy movies in cinemas,” and “This place is like an attraction, or a studio place where people can visit.” iG0dz said in the mod description.

Currently, the castle is not technically as it appears in the movies as it is on the water, but the mod creator has promised to update it and move the castle to a hill.

By the way, Godzilla always can be summoned to San Francisco. The mod which was made by Sergio “muyprofessional” Perea does exactly what it says on the tin and drops Godzilla to fly around. Since the city has not any 3D photogrammetry upgrade many towers and landmarks are missing and it is an answer why Godzilla is not in Tokyo.

“If anyone likes it, I will do King Kong up the Empire State,” the mod creator said.

Such as Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain and even Stonehenge, many mods have emerged to improve real-life locations.

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