The New Operator of Modern Warfare and Warzone is an Italian Cowboy

A new operator is being launched into the endless battles of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone tomorrow. Morte is a grumpy ex-soldier with a cowboy fascination.

Italian musician and actor Fabio Rovazzi provides Morte’s voice and look, but his digital counterpart looks a lot more wrinkled. There’s no time to shave with cattle to steal and people to shoot to hit you in the hall. Rovazzi also helped develop Morte’s background. Apparently, he wanted to be an armed cowboy cop but instead went to jail and then remained in the Italian special forces. And now he disguises himself as a cowboy in the multiplayer limbo of Modern Warfare.

Here is the official statement:

The character, whose real name is Sergio Sulla, was a boy who was interested in Western movies and had dreams of becoming law enforcement. Also, her desires were crushed by her anger, and she turned to juvenile justice as she energetically defended some unfortunate people against local bullies. Law enforcement was taken out of the way, and he voluntarily joined the Colonel Moschin special force, who served in Iraq and Libya. But after a while, even the Army did not suit Sergio, a Warcom operator named Morte, a pseudonym that symbolizes the ultimate tribute to the ‘dead’ dream of the bounty hunter who aspires to become sheriff.

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