Project Athia Studio’s Impressive Open World Engine

Luminous Productions showcased the impressive open-world Luminous Engine that will likely power Square Enix’s upcoming exclusive PS5 game Project Athia. The video comes as Luminous Productions developers prepare to deliver a series of online sessions during the 2020 Computer Entertainment Developers Conference.

Lush environments filled with lakes and forests that were once barren are being built in the World Editor. The video focuses on the approach to procedural manufacturing of Luminous Engine, in the description, it is stated that this proprietary environmental creator has the power to fill open worlds “in a natural yet intentional way.” In addition, the developers will present talks on automating Quality Assurance using collision-aware 3D pathfinding and deep learning.

It was first known about Project Athia when it appeared at the PS5 event in June. The game has not yet offered a release date, but it is written by Gary Whitta from Rogue One and a team of A-list writers being described as “thrilling, other-worldly adventure.”

Watch the Luminous Engine’s video below:

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