Full Details About ‘Gotham Knights’, New Game That Will Keep-Alive The Spirit Of The Batman Arkham Series

After a relatively long silence, DC has begun to share its games that will take place in the Batman universe with us. In addition to the upcoming Batman movie, two new Batman without Batman games were also introduced. We take a closer look at the details you need to know about Gotham Knights, the first of these games to be released.

After a long period of game rumors and some vague details, we were bombarded by DC by Batman. In addition to the trailer of The Batman with Robert Pattinson, which was released surprisingly and fell like a bomb on the agenda, trailers and gameplay videos from the much anticipated Gotham Knights game were also released.

Gotham Knights, a Batman game without Batman, hosts many interesting details in its not too long gameplay videos and trailer. In this context, we take a closer look at what you need to know about Gotham Knights, where we will manage four different characters from the Batman universe.


In this game, which is out of the Batman Arkham series and in which Batman died, unfortunately, we play with four different characters from the Batman universe who are at least as famous as Batman in the comic book world. In Gotham Knights, which is based on different gameplay styles brought by different characters; Dick Grayson, who was the first Robin and appeared in other Batman games, appears as the famous Nightwing.

Our second playable character is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of James Gordon, whom we all love. Although Barbara Gordon is sometimes included in the Batman universe as Oracle, she is in the Gotham Knights game as Batgirl. Our third character is Tim Drake, who is Robin after Dick and Jason in the Batman universe. Tim is also featured on Gotham Knights as a young and relatively inexperienced Robin.

Finally, Red Hood, perhaps one of the most beloved side characters of the Batman family, welcomes us. Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, who has a tough temperament compared to other characters, seems to add a quite different atmosphere to the game.

Gotham Knights will be the open-world game:

Gotham Knights’ press conference recently confirmed that the game will have an open world. In Gotham Knights, which is said to be set in the most active and living Gotham City ever created, players will be able to freely roam five different regions of Gotham City and intervene in the crimes that occur randomly in these places.

As we can see from the gameplay video, Batcycle engines will be one of the main vehicles our characters will use to navigate Gotham City. We also see that Robin uses the teleportation technology of the Justice League in the trailer to cover short distances on the map.

The open world of the game generally seems to be the way we see in the 2018 Spider-Man game. As we move towards a mission in the city, it seems that we will be able to stumble upon crimes happening in random places and neutralize the criminals, and thus gain experience points.

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