Dead by Daylight Will Work on 4K60 FPS

Behavior Interactive announced that Dead by Daylight will be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X before the end of the year. On these new generation consoles, the 4v1 asymmetric multiplayer horror game will run at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. On the other hand, existing players will be able to upgrade to a new generation version of their choice for free.
Developers are working on a major graphics overhaul. The aim is to increase the drag tenfold thanks to the upgraded visual effects, models, textures, and animations. The maps are filled with an extra pop, while the convenient functions will make the rooms more identifiable.
Behavior Interactive is fully focused on this revision work, with new updates to be delivered at very short intervals. Behavior Interactive also shared an update on cross-progression after the latest release of cross-play and friend-to-friend features. PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia users will have the chance to use the brand new BHVR account to freely move their progress between these platforms.

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