Another Leak About Xbox Series S

After a lot of rumors about Xbox Series S, another leak has come to the light. A Twitter user shared a post that he ordered a new controller for his Xbox from Microsoft, his order came with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial code, but there was something wrong in the fine print.

In his post, the tiny print disclaimer clearly indicates that the code works on Xbox Series X and Series S. All in all; it is just a leak, not official information.

We started to see entry-level next-gen Xbox in December of last year. The latest leak is a follow up from a previous leak from June of this year. Apparently, this is a Microsoft’s Xbox Series S strategy to hold down the price and the power for the upcoming consoles. We are in September, yet; there is not an official announcement about the price.

Of course, Covid-19 caused many games’ postponement. But later this year, the results of these postponements will be serious in companies like Sony and Microsoft.

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