Fall Guys Season Two features Medieval-Themed With New Costumes

Developer Mediatonic announced today at Gamescom’s “Opening Night Live” event that the theme of the second season of Fall Guys will be medieval themed. The new content includes new tours with medieval-themed costumes such as dragons, knights, and wizards, as well as themed obstacles. And that’s good news for those who wished their local Renaissance Faire was more colorful.

Here’s a quick look to the reveal trailer for Fall Guys season 2:

“Fall Guys Season 2 will bring the dragon fire with feudal fortresses, knockout knights and pugilistic paladins among new additions coming this October. A full season of new costumes, emotes and more will reward players as they lay siege to the Middle Ages. is said in the new season’s official synopsis.

The release date has not been revealed yet but the first season of Fall Guys is said to be ended in 39 days in the in-game menu on PlayStation 4.

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