Some changes of Gollum in the new Lord of the Rings game

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum trailer is out. Although it is an ordinary teaser for most people, it has really impressive images. Especially the change in Gollum’s hair seems to attract everyone’s attention. As many people guessed from the images, there will be vertical climbing tracks in the game.

Gollum will focus on story decisions and dialogue choices. According to Tilman Schanen, “The decisions you make affect the game. If you always play as Sméagol or Gollum, it can affect animations, soundscapes, some game situations, and in-game dialogs.” The game uses a more sensitive moral system than just “good” and “bad”.

What happens to Gollum’s hair? Since Daedalic’s work was based on books rather than movies, some fans expressed their surprise by the character’s broader-eyed and hairy look. However, art director Mathias Fischer explained the reason behind this. According to Fischer, users in the game will be more intimate with the skin of the character. Because of this, he said they made some changes to make Gollum less creepy.

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