Historic Decision for Fortnite: Apple Sets its Penalty

If you remember, last week, Apple made a very radical and violent decision for Epic Games and removed the Fortnite application from the App Store of IOS. This situation also disturbed the Epic Games managers and players. We can say that it was a great loss of prestige especially for Epic Games. Epic Games then filed a lawsuit against Apple regarding the removal of its application. We think this action has begun because Epic Games does not use the App Store’s own in-app purchasing system and makes purchases over V-Bucks.

While these events were still hot, Apple made a new statement. Apple, which removed Epic Games’ Fortnite app after the update to V-Bucks integration, announced that it will terminate access to iOS and Mac, including all developer accounts connected to Epic Games, as of August 28.

With this latest statement, we are getting the signals of Fortnite’s iOS and Mac adventure. Of course, if Epic Games does not take another step for Fortnite, for which it has worked hard.

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