Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Generate Billions in PC Hardware Sales

As Jon Peddie Research(JPR) says, Microsoft Flight Simulator will generate $2.6B in PC hardware sales in 3 next years. Due to the release of the extensive title the simulated flying work is soaring.

Considering that JPR is assuming sales of approximately 2.27 million units for Microsoft Flight Simulator in the next three years, an amount of approximately $ 2.6 billion can be mentioned. But it is anything near that final total and it is a simulator that has an important and lasting imact on the hardware market.

“Flight simulators are incredibly demanding on processing capability and reward high resolution, large displays, and VR use,” says Ted Pollack, senior analyst at JPR. “When new flight simulators are released, the hardware to run them at max settings and performance does not even exist yet. This creates a situation of constant hardware demand over the life of the title as fans chase the best experience. A significant number of flight sim fans only play flight sim. We took this into account when calculating whether the money will be spent specifically or partially because of this game.”

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