Quake 3 Is Free Now But The Time Is Limited

Quake 3 has been made free on Bethesda launcher. However, the players must log in before the promotion ends, and this promotion. This promotion approximately will end on August 20 and August 21 at different times.

The 1999 classic Quake is multiplayer only; but if you have an enthusiasm for single player mode, you should have got Quake 2 while it was free. On the other hand, players still have the chance to get Quake modding scene, and there are appropriate single player total conversion mods.

This year has been a great opportunity for free-to-keep games. There are many games that can be acquired for free, including RemnantFrom the Ashes, Quake 3, Sludge Life, The Alto Collection.

The Bethesda promised to give away Quake 2 and Quake 3 after we met the QuakeCon At Home. There were a charity funding and the target was $30.000. This was achieved and even exceeded.

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