Los Santos Summer Special Update Of GTA Is Coming

A large update for Gta online, which brings new vehicles, co-op missions, renovated Business Battles, and an editor to the game, so the players are allowed to make their own Open Wheel races, has been published. And the Rockstar gave the name ‘Los Santos Summer’ to the update.

A lot of rides are coming with this update, including shiny sports cars, F1-style supercars and more. If you go to a shop you will find a group of new wheels to enhance your cars. What’s more, new co-op missions that can be accessed from the superyacht will give the the players more exciting moments. After finishing all six missions, the players can play online or with some friends, searching ‘nautical vengeance’.

Formula One-style Open Wheel races have been advanced, adding nine extra races, visible tire wear on the cars, and the indicators that will make you conscious about the body damage. And a new editor comes to the game that will give the opportunity to the players to make their own races. Business Battles have also been updated in accordance with today’s Business Battles; when the players succeed, they get bigger rewards.

Along with Axe of Fury, the arcade game of GTA IV, QUB3D, is back in Online form. Street Crimes: Gang Wars, two new arcade cabinets have been placed around the city so that a single player can play against the AI.

The players will find additional collections and clothes in this update, with some adjustments. This update seems really exciting, but there is more to expect from GTA. Because a couple of weeks ago, ‘biggest ever update’ was shared by Rockstar. And with this update new robberies in completely new locations will be added to the game.

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