Humble Store is giving away a free game F1 2018 before this week ends

The game is a very solid racing sim which suffers a bit because of being too similar to its superior predecessor. It is known that there’s nothing wrong with the new additions that Codemasters are focusing on, and the quality of the race hasn’t declined after last year’s high tide mark. But with each passing year, as Fortnite distributes new content to their players every few months, annualized models like this one seem to be old-fashioned in the new beauties and mentalities that they offer.
But when it is free it does not a problem. On 10th of August before 1 pm pt/4 pm ET you can visit humblebundle and click the “get it now” button. It will be delivered through a Steam key which should be redeemed prior on 17th of August to 1 pm PT/4 pm ET.

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