Ice-T’s Tweet About Return Of Def Jam

The Def Jam games did quite well for EA in the beginning of the 2000’s, and Ice-T really wants to see the series again in the next console generation. The rapper/actor shared an image of Def Jam: Fight for New York, increasing his hopes for the return of series, probably for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The original titles were wrestling games that were signed to Def Jam Recordings, and famous artists of the era, including Ice-T, featured on them.

Def Jam Vendetta was released 17 years ago, Def Jam: Fight for New York was released in 16 years ago, and Def Jam: Icon was released in 13 years ago. Consequently, it has been more than 13 years since the last EA and Def Jam partnership on a project. It is not possible to say something clear, but the Ice-T’s Tweet has been fairly positive, together with fans’ showing love for the series.

We have witnessed a number of older franchises given a second chance during the past few months, with some updates. If the Def Jam made a modern update, it would be interesting if EA would agree with it.

In the video game world, most good franchises never stay at their place. With the next console generation, intended to be released later this year, publishers like EA will look their archives to find more franchises to revitalize. All in all, Ice-T’s step on Twitter may generate some interest for persuading EA in the subject of Def Jam.

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