You Can Play Doom In Minecraft With This Mod

You might want to relax in your Minecraft world after a busy day with tree punching and diamond searching. You can play the classic Doom game in Minecraft by placing a computer in your home thanks to the mod you can see below.

Yes, you have not heard wrong. Thanks to a mod named WM Computers, it is possible to run operating systems between Windows 95-98 in Minecraft. You will be able to order your classic PC with this mod produced by mod developer delta2force.

After installing the mod, you must first produce the device named “ordering tablet”. Then, by ordering your PC, you expect the satellite, which visited your world at least 5 times every day, to deliver your cargo. So you can have your computer in the Minecraft universe.

It is possible to do many things with this computer. However, Reddit member uDrunkMate took the business a step further and shared the images he played Doom from his computer. If you remember, we encountered a mod that plays this in Minecraft recently.

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