Washington Redskins Goes To A Change In Its Name And Logo In Madden 21

New game of Electronic Art’s Madden series, will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on August 28. According to the latest news, one of America’s most famous teams will change its logo and name. Established in 1932, the team has decided to change its logo and name, which American authors have been against for years, as a result of the protests against racism starting with the ‘Black Lives Matters’. There is an Indian face on the team’s logo.
According to the Forbes; Washington Redskins, NFL’s fifth most valuable name with its value of $ 3.1 billion, has not yet found a logo or a name. That’s why, EA will change the team in the Madden 21 and replace it with a general Washington team. This change could not be reflected to the game, as there is a little time for releasing the game. Consequently, the game will be automatically updated with the first day patch; that is, the players who don’t update the game, probably will have the last Madden NFL 21 with the Washington Redskins.
While EA authors say, ‘We are satisfied with Washington’s decision of changing the name and logo of the team’, they say there may be some Redskins references at some parts of the game, but they are trying to remove all of them.

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