Ghost of Tsushima Guide for Beginners

Ghost of Tsushima will debut while you read this article. Our investigation is already live, but it is not up to us to send you defenseless against the Mongol invasion in Tsushima; While playing, we wanted to compile some points that catch our eyes and might be useful for you. So come on to the tricks of the Samurai!

• Be the first to develop armor Passenger Clothing and try to equip it, especially when you are traveling in the open world or just in the open world. While there are Mongolian Artifacts and various other important objects nearby, it makes your gamepad vibrate. It is also more effective when exploring the surroundings.

• If you can’t find a place to go because the map is closed, go up a hill and look for the smoke from the sky. Generally, Mongolian troops show their places from afar rather than burning where they go.

• Make sure that the armor you wear matches your play style well. If you like chest-to-chest collisions, the Samurai Clan Armor will do your job at first. If you like to go into one-on-one combat without entering enemy camps, the armor that gives you focus on certain areas such as Sakai Clan Armor, Tadayori’s Armor if you are going to archery, and Kensei Armor if you will be overwhelmed by Ghost weapons really affects your gameplay performance.

• When you see a golden bird while strolling in Tsushima, be sure to go after it. They take you to the nearest event or interesting area.

• Do not forget to love and caress the foxes that take you to Inari Shrines.

• If closed clouds or rainy weather bothers you, take it off and play some flute. Your flute has the power to change the weather.

• In combat, first remove the archers. While you are dealing with other enemies, they are the ones who will most annoy you from a safe distance.

• Especially in the early stages of the game, you can actively seek out enemy camps and cut their leaders. Because as you cut a certain number of leaders, you learn new “postures”. These postures affect your fight against many enemies in the game. For example, Stone Stance is very effective against sword enemies, Water Stance shields, Wind Stance with ax and crows, and Moon Stance is very effective against large enemies. You can take a proper stance against the appropriate enemy and break the defense very quickly with attacks on the triangle key.

• Do not rush to continue the main story. Character stories are very useful both for warming the characters you are with and for their rewards. You will earn the materials that are normally difficult, such as Gold and Silk, from here.

• If you need 1 or 2 items of rare material to develop an armor or weapon, check out the Traps on the map. Although they are a little salty, they can only sell from these materials.

• You can use the Inari Evil Eye to collect more and faster materials.

• You have a certain collection limit of the materials around. For example, when the bamboos in your bag start to approach 500, go and use some or buy them.

• When you see the flowers, get them without missing. With these, you can buy new armor colors from Bezirgan.

• When entering enemy camps, be sure to look around with the Sharp Ear. If you know where the enemy is, it will be easy for you to act accordingly.

• When you infiltrate enemy camps, try to do the extra missions you want. So your epic grows more.

• Especially in duels, when you see that the enemy in front of you is stunned, paste the Thunder Striking feature.

• Do not spend all your Azim in your special abilities and leave yourself vulnerable, especially in critical fights. You will need Azim to recover when your health decreases; Accordingly, plan your moves ahead and adapt to the course of the fight.

• If you want to deal with your business confidentially, fill your Sanri Flower and Poisonous Flower stocks each time you pass through large flower fields. If you use Sanri Arrows and poison arrows efficiently, you can easily clean a big camp without leaving where you hide. Throw the shotgun arrows at points where the armor of heavily armored enemies is low or weak; they bounce if you throw it directly on the armor. For your delusional arrows, your preferred target is usually the strongest and the most damaging.

• If you have difficulty in timing the movements such as Bounce or Perfect Jump, lowering the difficulty level will extend the time interval of these movements. If you say no, I want to extend that range a little more without lowering the difficulty level, you can use Mizu no Kami Evil Eye.

• Do not hesitate to assassinate your enemies by throwing a Smoke Bomb in the environment when you are stuck. In the following levels, it also fills your life a bit.

• If you have run out of Perseverance after the war, you can fill the Perseverance indicator by relieving the pain of enemies crawling on the ground.

• The clothing combo you need to apply to get the “Cooper Clan Cosplayer” trophy is as follows: Sneaky Tanuki (Sly Tanuki), Curved Scythe Head (Crooked Wedge Headband), Thief’s Wrap, Gosaku’s Armor (with Guardian of the Ocean dye) . Most of these are easily available cosmetics, but the Curved Scythe Head can easily be overlooked. To get it, you may want to climb on the top of the tallest building you see in Jogaku Temple Lake.

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