A Free 2D Zelda-Like Remade of Bloodborne, Yarntown

Yarntown, a free indie game takes part of the Bloodborne which is a difficult action RPG set in detailed 3D is a free indie game and Zelda-inspired advanture.
Yarntown, built using the Solarus engine was developed by Max Mraz. It is the colorful remade of Central Yharnam from 2015’s Bloodborne and has some boss fights from the area of the original FromSoftware RPG.
The difference between them is that Combat in Yarntown is not as complex as the action in Bloodborn. However, it has dodge rolls, stamina, quicksilver bullets and blook vial mechanics. The weapons in the Hunter’s Dream which were also recreated can be upgraded too.
Yarntown is not exactly the same with Central Yarnham but it has many of the same shotcuts and enemies with rabid dogs, huntsman, and also both bosses from this prt of Bloodborn as mentioned before.

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