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Sony has decided to almost double the PS5 production so that they can meet the demand for the first party. The company is of the opinion that the Covid-19 will continue longer and this will enhance the desire for the playing games. But they didn’t think that in early period of the Covid-19.
Sony had planned to produce 5-6 millions PS5 until the end of March 2021. But they have decided to increase this number to 10 millions. Even if the production increases to a large extent, it doesn’t seem possible for these consoles to reach the Christmas period because of the logistics problems. If we are to make a small comparison, PS4 was announced in the late November, the same as PS5, in the year of 2013. The number of PS4 put up for sale was 4,5 millions. It took Sony more than 6 months to reach 10 millions sales for PS4. This plan change of Sony make us think that the prices of the consoles will decrease and the demand for the consoles will increase reasonably. Sony had previously informed its providers that they would need 10 millions ‘DualSense controller’ production until the and of March. Thus, the controller number will be increased in accordance with the new production plan.To summarize, Sony’s new plan is to deliver 5 millions consoles until the end of September, another 5 millions between October and November to the stores. Let’s see what will happen in the coming days.

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