Good News For Microsoft Flight Simulator Lovers

Microsoft Flight Simulator, which the simulation lovers have been waiting for curiously, is getting ready to start the closed beta process. It has been announced that the game, which has been in the alpha process for the last 9 months, will start the closed beta format from July 30 on. But there is not any news about when it will end.
It is necessary to be registered to the Xbox Insider Program, which is completely free, for beta version. But there is not any guarantee that everyone registered on this program will be chosen. Because the players will be picked up randomly among these players.
But if you are a player from the alpha version, the beta version will be available for you, according to what Asobo Studios said. On the other hand, the new e-mails have been sent to the players for the alpha version.
While preparing the game for the beta version, the developer team is continuing to make serious innovations. Because the images of the latest update shared by the team seem to be really exciting.

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