Dying Light Hellraid Trailer

According to the announcements of last month, with the Hellraid DLC, Dying Light will have a new content brought by Techland. Here is the trailer about DLC that is out 23rd of July.

It’s been the 5th year of Dying Light’s game market. The game company is launching a brand new DLC in honor of 5 years. The most important basic feature in this DLC, which will be followed at the peak of the excitement, is the new game mode. We can say that this mode, based on Hellraid, will start the dark period.

What matters most to different modes or environments will be the post apocalyptic. After an extraordinary power outage, you will find a device in the famous Tower. With this device, you will be taken to a castle under the supervision of the slaves in hell.

In the explanations on the subject, the efforts to keep this environment alive were also explained. In order to adapt to this environment where unusual and fantastic weapons are also designed, you must use these designed weapons. We are sure that you will love this mode, which will have to face all difficulties.

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