Another Mass Effect on the Way!

BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson said, “In my mind, it’s very much alive. I’m thinking all the time about things that I think will be great. It’s just a matter of getting back to it as soon as we can.”

In addition to Hudson’s statement, Mark Darrah, Executive Producer on Anthem and Dragon Age, stated “We’re definitely not done with Mass Effect. There’s a lot of stories to be told. We could pull on the threads we put down with [Mass Effect:] Andromeda; we could pull on threads from Mass Effect 3. There’s a lot of interesting space to be explored.”

Although the details are unclear what the new game will look like and whether it will follow the current trend focusing more on multiplayer rather than the traditional single player focused Mass Effects with amazing story lines or not, personally I can only hope that they do not go into Andromeda and stay on the course that first 3 Mass Effects set.

Officials did not make any more comments about the title and obviously we will have to wait for the details. But hey! Better later than never, right?

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