Full List of Xbox Game Pass February Games and It Costs Only $1 for a Monthly Subscription for a Limited Time

One of our followers asked what would the list of Xbox Game Pass February games be when we published an email leaked by Xbox’s twitter account showing Crackdown 3 would be one of the Game Pass February games. I am glad to inform you that Crackdown 3 is not the only surprise!

The list also includes Shadow of the Tomb Raider which was released only 4 months ago in September 2018 and Batman: Return to Arkham remaster for the Xbox One! So what is good about Batman: Return to Arkham? It combines the first two Batman Arkham games which were great fun and with the remastered edition you will want to play them again!

Another good news from Microsoft is that for limited time you can subscribe to Game Pass for only $1/month!

  • Crackdown 3
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Pumped BMX Pro
  • The Walking Dead: The First Season
  • de Blob
  • Batman: Return to Arkham

Do we want more? Of course! Will they provide more? Absolutely! Check the tweet down below!

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