Darksiders 3 gets a new trailer showcasing the environmental puzzles and more

Darksiders 3 is coming soon and now it has a gameplay trailer. In this trailer, we will be able to gaze upon the new environmental puzzles, fire magic shenanigans and weird stuff like bomb bugs. John Pearl and Richard Vorodi from Gunfire Games have introduced the video with IGN First, so, we should also thank IGN for this opportunity.

In this video, we see the puzzle solving system which includes the nasty bomb bugs and environmental features like the explosive stuff that you use to feed the bugs first in order to use them to open gateways. The puzzle mechanics that we see so far is actually fire magic, bomb bug oriented. Of course the designers will implement more as they label what we see now as ‘the first steps’ of the whole mechanics. Anyways, here is the video in question fellas:

So far, we are pretty happy aobut the upcoming title of THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games. So, we’ll keep a close eye on it.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

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