Fan remake P.T. has been cancelled

The horror teaser P.T. has became a huge source of inspiration for many others out there who wants to enjoy a proper horror game, like developer Qimsar. Qimsar was working on a remake of P.T. and luckily he was supported by Konami.

Now, according to the new announcement made by the 17-year-old developer, Konami forced him to shut the game down because of legal issues. The thing is that the remake was really popular around the office and Qimsar was offered an internship. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Well, of course it makes sense since Silent Hills was a project of Kojima with Guillermo del Toro, and you know what is going on between Kojima and Konami. I started to believe that we will never get to enjoy P.T. or a proper remake anytime soon.

You can go ahead and read Qimsar’s blog post here.

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