We Happy Few release date announced

We Happy Few is an upcoming psychological thriller survival game by Compulsion Games. The game is another dystopian title inspired by BioShock.

In this world, everyone is controlled by a personality-altering pill called a ‘joy pill’. We are a redactor and our job is deleting unhappy memories from records but one day, we decided not to take the pill and finally, we realize.

Featuring an additional 20+ hours of narrative-driven gameplay, players will play as three uniquely flawed characters coming to terms with their past and uncovering the secrets of Wellington Wells, an island off the coast of England that seems to have been cut off from the rest of the world after World War II.

Compulsion Games and Gearbox Publishing recently announced that We Happy Few will be available for Xbox One, Xbox One X (with HDR and 4K support), PC, PlayStation4 and PlayStation®4 Pro (with HDR and 4K support) on August 10.

Here is the We Happy Few E3 2018 trailer:

Stay tuned!

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