Rage 2 E3 trailer is out and it features many post apocalyptic elements

Bethesda has revealed a new trailer and more information about Rage 2 in E3. The company is not responsible with only one post-apocalyptic setting. Along with Fallout, the company is working on a much gory, much violent game: Rage. As our beloved information provider WalMart informed us earlier this year, the game was already expected. However, we had little information about it.

But now, we have a trailer as well as many other information.

As we can see, the game looks like a mixture between Mad Max, DOOM and something magic related. It looks pretty awesome to be honest. And the combination of abilities, grenades, weapons and tactical movements makes it a pretty damn exciting game. Oh, also you can buy that talking head and put it on your wall. Seriously, I’m not kidding:

Enjoy the talking head and the trailer fellas and stay tuned for more!

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