Fallout 76 is officially announced and it is an online game with survival features

Bethesda has finally announced the new Fallout 76 and its new features. Gamers around the world were pretty excited when Bethesda teased Fallout 76 with a live stream. Many people started talking about it and suddenly tons of rumors emerged out of nowhere. People thought it was going to be a multiplayer online game with survival genre features and co-op mechanics. And yesterday, during the Bethesda conference, all of them was confirmed. I would like to warn you though. If you were expecting a new RPG, I’m sorry. This game is a new and completely different genre that Bethesda is trying. So if you are a huge Fallout geek like me, put your expectations away and try to look at it as a new and different game.

New Fallout is an open world, survival and multiplayer game which requires you to be online in order to play. You can also play it alone of course but it would be much harder as this world is the new world after the Great War and you are the first people to step on it.

As the world after the big blast is not yet civilized, you shouldn’t expect to see many NPCs around as we can guess from the tone of Todd Howard: “You’ll be in a world with dozens, not hundreds, not thousands of other players,” considering the fact that the game is much more “post” apocalyptic now, it is a logical choice. But how it will effect the gameplay? We don’t know yet.

What about having problems with others then? It’s an online game right? Thinking about it, Bethesda decided to put a couple of nuclear warheads around the map. Yes, as if it was not enough to ruin the whole world, you now can ruin it again with these babies. Neat huh?

The building will also be available. Just like many other online survival games, Fallout 76 will allow you to build your base and defend it. It will also allow you to take your base from one point to another without any problems. So you can consider them as mobile bases. The map will be separated into six different districts with different environmental elements. Along with a new map, new creatures which were inspired by the local folklore, will be there to test your luck and skills.

On the technical level, Bethesda has reserved many dedicated servers for players to enjoy the game. Last but not least, you can get a Power Armor by ordering the Collector’s Edition:


The game will be available on November 14th, much sooner than we expected for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Also, a beta testing will be available soon.

Enjoy the trailer fellas and stay tuned for more!

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