Hunt: Showdown will receive a new patch this week to improve the overall performance

Crytek has recently announced on the official Hunt: Showdown website that the next patch planned for this week was going to address some performance issues. The problem of optimization has plagued the game entirely since the beginning of the alpha period. During alpha, the developers have made a couple of adjustments and the game started running smoother. However, the required system to be able to enjoy this game was still a little bit too high-end. On top of that, even people with monstrous hardware had FPS issues, graphical glitches, lags and other technical problems. However, Crytek has been very hardworking since the very beginning of the Early Access period. They have fixed many problems, improved visuals, UI and they still have many things to do.

The Early Access launch received many negative comments due to the fact that the game had just come out of alpha period and it had many important problems that needed attention before the release. Many players considered this move as a bad move. On the other hand, there were many others who thought the opposite as the very core of the Early Access feature on Steam meant ‘supporting the developers’ during the development period.

Considering all these different opinions, I can easily say that it is pretty relieving to hear that the developers will address the performance issues pretty soon. Here are the main focus areas of the patch:

  • CPU optimizations (Hunt was CPU bound, which was a major limiting factor in many cases)
  • Reducing the overall memory footprint of the game
  • Addressing the stalls and stutters (during movement, ADS, and other in-game interactions)

With this patch, the general smoothness and response of the game should increase and in many cases overall framerate should also increase. In addition, this patch should fix the freeze that occurred when players were fighting in the Stillwater compound, as well as address the missing vegetation issue at the start of the game.

Hunt: Showdown is a pretty fun and captivating game with a unique atmosphere and game mechanics. Even though the game is on the Early Access, it still offers an exciting experience and hours of gameplay. It is true that it still needs some time in order to be completed. But if a game can keep you busy for hours for that price, I believe that it deserves a chance. And I strongly recommend checking out the Roadmap of the game as it looks pretty promising. With every single patch to come, I really hope that this game will get bigger and bigger and, eventually, get the attention it deserves.

Stay tuned for more!

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