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Beyond Skyrim mod project receives a new trailer to showcase Morrowind

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Mods, mods never changes. (Haha, it is funny because I know the reference!) But this one does fellas. It does it so good that I just want to put my face on its codes and marry them to make millions of Beyond Skyrim Mods. Yes, this is exactly what I feel…well, sort of at least. But let me finish my weird and creepy entrance before I start talking about this mod. The team behind the huge and ambitious project, Beyond Skyrim, has recently released a teaser trailer for the next area to recreate, which is Morrowind!

We had covered more than a couple of articles about Beyond Skyrim. The idea is basically to create whole Tamriel with Skyrim’s engine. So far, they released the first part of it, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma and it looked fantastic. And now, the same team has released another one to give me (us) a reason to leave the life behind for a couple of minutes. Here it is fellas:

I might exaggerate it a little bit maybe. But I do love people putting so much effort on something that beautiful. And I do believe that they deserve the attention and our best wishes too.

So, let’s wait until the time it will be released or until we have more information and if you want more information, go ahead and check out their website.

Stay tuned!

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