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Blade Runner: Revelations – An upcoming VR game based on Blade Runner universe

Blade Runner 2049 surely gave a lot of game related material to developers and we are here to reap the fruits of it.

Recently, Seismic Games announced that they’ve formed a partnership with Alcon Media Group in order to create Blade Runner: Revelations. Blade Runner: Revelations offers an immersive new Adventure/Thriller VR gaming experience based on our beloved Blade Runner series.

Blade Runner: Revelations will is included in Lenovo Mirage Solo, which is Google’s upcoming VR headset.

The game is set in shortly after the original film and connects it to Blade Runner 2049. We step into the shoes of Harper who is a a seasoned blade runner. The game allows players to explore new mysteries across Los Angeles with ease and some freedom of movement throughout the world.

Seismic Games continues to invest and focus on creating high production game titles that authentically engage and transform major IPs into compelling and expansive interactive experiences for the fans. Collaborating with Alcon Media Group, Google and Lenovo for Blade Runner: Revelations has been an absolute honor, and we can’t wait to hear what the fans and general VR users think as they explore the game.

Blade Runner: Revelations will be available in 2018. Stay tuned for more!

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