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Google announced a new standalone wireless VR headset

Previously, we’ve shared the news about HTC Vive’s upcoming Vive Pro. Vive Pro is the more optimized and satisfying version of HTC Vive and aims to bring us a better VR experience.

Following that, Google now announced a new standalone wireless VR Headset named as Mirage Solo. Mirage Solo was built in conjunction with Lenovo. Before that, Google had Daydream View, yet it required a mobile phone in order to function. Mirage Solo is totally standalone and wireless, like it says.

Mirage Solo offers 110-degree field of view 4GB of RAM and a Qualcomm mobile processor. It also offers a 1440p screen and 64GB of internal storage along with improved head-tracking capability.

Mirage Solo will be out in Sipring 2018. For more detailed news about the upcoming VR device, you can visit here.

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