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Rainbow Six Siege gets a new report system to prevent toxic behavior

Now you can report people if you don’t like them.

Ubisoft is taking new measures to prevent the toxic behavior in Rainbow Six Siege. As a competitive co-op game, Rainbow Six Siege can be the perfect environment to attract assholes. So, in order to prevent that happen, they realized that the best solution was to get a new option in the report system. In a tweet we can clearly see that the option is coming up soon.

In order to report a person you will need a solid proof of his/her assholery. The main thing to keep an eye on is the game’s code of conduct list. If you perfectly reflect what they do not want you to do, I’ve got some bad news for you.

The system is active on test servers for now. But when it is completed, they will implement it in every single server that is available. We hope it will make things better for the community.

Stay tuned!

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