Call of Duty: WW II will get microtransactions soon

We have yet another microtransaction news fellas! Hurray! Just like the other titles, recently released Call of Duty: WW II will also get microtransactions. The points will be called the Call of Duty points. As far as we know, you will be able to get stuff from the Call of Duty ‘Store’ tab. Although we do not know what will we get from there yet, we can presume that they will be things like crates, supply drops etc.

The microtransactions will be implemented on November 21st. As Activision recently announced, they wanted to fix the launch issues first before strarting the microtransactions. Good call mates.

Also, those who had already bought the digital edition of the game will receive 1.100 Call of Duty points right away. So sit tight and get ready to spend money on digital stuff.

Stay tuned for more microtransactions!



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