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Glorious space combat from Star Wars: Battlefront 2

The soothing sound of lasers…

We were all waiting for Gamescom 2017 for a shiny Battlefront 2 space combat footage, and finally it came! Watch it quick, then we’ll talk about it:

Well, who felt a sudden rush of excitement and a good, cold pint of nostalgia? I think everyone who buried their countless hours into the old series felt that. So, rejoice, old ones; for this gameplay video is the proof that EA is listening to the old fans. The first game –in the new series– was a disappointment for Battlefront fans, because it was more of a money grinder than a Star Wars game. Well mayybe that was because the SW franchise in all of its aspects became a gigantic money grinder, but that is a topic of another discussion.

Anyway, what were we saying? Yes, surprisingly, EA listens to the fans this time. And the great diversity of ships we will be able to get our hands on, was downright exciting.

And yes, Millennium Falcon is there.

Stay Imperial!

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